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Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.”

We are not just a mentor. It’s not just a friend. It’s not just a coach in the most basic sense. We are as a  coach is a partner, someone who’s there for you through life’s most difficult and challenging times, able to guide you through and help you  to see things differently, refine your approach and achieve your loftiest dreams. We can help you not only define your goals, but also to help you find powerful enough reasons for why you must achieve them in the first place. We can offer you a fresh perspective on why you maybe haven’t been able to achieve the big goals you’ve wanted in the past, and just how you can reorganize your life to empower you rather than to continue holding you back. We also act as an accountability partner, there right by your side, step by step, to ensure you see things through.We as coach is instrumental in helping you to identify those limiting beliefs so that you can push forward rather than feeling left behind.If you know what you want but are having trouble acting in ways that get you there, a  coach can help you make better decisions and cut out self-destructive habits. If you're ready to break out of old patterns, a great coach can help you overcome setbacks and achieve new growth.

Who can join ? ? ? 

No previous experience on anything or additional knowledge needed to attend this workshop.

  • People who are looking to help themselves.

  • Individuals who are aspiring to become Life Coach.

  • Individuals who want to learn and practice NLP.

  • Individuals who want to overcome barriers in life.

  • Individuals who want to make a difference.

  • House wifes who wants to be an entrepreneur.

Our Methadology

The way that we teach our course is to not only teach the fundamentals and skill sets of NLP, and not to isolate a separate class for coaching, but to integrate the two for a very unique and powerful class.  We teach NLP and coaching together, to provide for the success of a more valuable and versatile, more completely competent coach and NLP Practitioner as a result.  We teach learning by doing, requiring practice, practice, and more practice.  We require that our students demonstrate the skills that they have learned before securing a certification.  It is important to us that our students do more than just learn information, but that they also walk away with competency to make change and to help others make change as well.  This is part of our mission.

Our Vision

This is also part of another thing that sets us apart, which is our very dedicated post-course support.  We offer post-course support for free, for as long as you want it, after you successfully complete a course with us.  There are different levels of resources that are available to you, some being free of charge, and some premium membership resources available to you for a small fee.  Our trainers remain available to you, and we offer online webinars in which current students as well as former students, gather together to discuss either open ended NLP topics, or sometimes specifically scheduled subject matter.  This is one of the ways in which our students come together crossing time and locations, meeting and reconnecting and keeping their lives infused with NLP.  Our trainers are dedicated to continuous learning and teaching.  They are also truly interested in your success, not in just handing out certificates to anyone who pays and attends.  We do not issue certification at the end of our program if a student does not demonstrate that they can successfully perform the skills required.

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