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NLP Business & Leadership


Many thriving organizations already understand that sustained peak performance at the team level must be dovetailed by an ongoing effective personal development framework at the individual level. And many have discovered the profound impact of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  • By the end of the course you will learn simple yet powerful secrets of leadership using NLP techniques that will help you to develop leadership qualities in your professional and personal life.

  • Using Role Modeling you will learn how to become a true leader in your professional life and enhance your leadership skills and qualities.

  • You will also learn relaxation techniques and confidence anchoring techniques to become more successful in your life.

  • You will also understand the different types of leaders and the major difference between a good leader and a bad leader.


This training focuses on imparting business-related tools and skills. The fundamental NLP Practitioner curriculum remains the same but is angled toward business applications

  • Attitude: developing a proactive mindset

  • Communicate: positively engaging and influencing others

  • Coach: creating ownership & promoting change

  • Leading: uncovering the preference in others & matching it

  • Anticipate: mental rehearsals that create desired performances

  • Innovate: generating creative solutions

  • Manifest: aligning one’s intention and actions toward a goal


We aim to train people and arm them with capabilities and strategies – yet the main part of the training comes with the personal interactions/coaching that we provide. That’s why NLP & Leadership training comes with a package that includes coaching after training – because that’s what makes the difference in ‘the control panel’ of success of the people we are getting messages across to.

NLP Leadership Coaching course is for top executives, senior managers, sports persons, celebrities, politicians, businessmen and other leaders in different fields. Being in highly competitive spheres, you have to manage multiple tasks and people look up to you. It is critical that you know what to do or what is your next big step.


  • Get a deeper structure of thoughts to influence beliefs, thoughts and behavior

  • Learn techniques and approaches to build rapport

  • Remove distorted patterns of behaviors

  • Radically improve your potential and ability to communicate

  • Explore and identify new opportunities

  • Alter negative patterns to positive actions

  • Manage your life and work effectively to stay ahead of the line


Duration: 2 Days

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