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Corporate Training

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Training for Organization/ Corporate 

  • The Benefits of Coaching and mentoring in Organizations: We use the technique of NLP , life Coaching, EI & motivation coaching

Training for Students

We use methods NLP , life coach, Emotional intelligence skills.


How We Can Help:

We work with high school and college students all over the world to help them create structures and systems and learn skills to achieve their personal and academic goals.

Emotional intelligent training  for Corporate

Welcome to the Leading with Emotional Intelligence Mastery program. In this Mastery Program – consisting of 15 emotional intelligence competencies within 5 major areas: Self Perception, Self Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making, and Stress Management.

Training for Teachers

The course on NLP FOR TEACHERS penetrates the importance of NLP techniques and initiatives towards quality in education. The modules cover the basics of NLP- as a model of excellence and is drafted to practically demonstrate its implementation through simple means and methodologies in particular. The initiative is to catch them young and innocent towards Quality Teaching by the Teachers.

Training in hospitality

  • Hospitality industry such as hotel management includes the front office operations, production, Housekeeping, service, and sales. NLP, in a hospitality industry, can be used to improve team rapport, confidence, motivation, and communication. It is not uncommon to have challenging customers or a resistant staff who are difficult to handle. NLP helps, by just mirroring their body language and communication style of these people, the managers can build enough rapport with them and handle the situation amicably.

Training for managers and entrepreneurs

All of us want to be a great leader. Becoming a leader is not something which is very difficult but becoming a great leader is. A successful and a great leader is someone whom people look up to.You will also learn Role Modeling to become like your more desired leader and act accordingly.

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