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Transformation Mind coach


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6 Hours live session

Beginner to advance. Applies to all styles of coaching-life coaching, NLP coaching, corporate, and business & performance coaching. This course is taught with the essential of psychology, NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy, and life coaching and emotional intelligent Combined, we made a unique course and you will be certified and you will be efficient to handle and change yourself and others. . Its purpose is to help you become advanced level of Transformation Mind Coach. The models and techniques discussed can also be easily transferred to different coaching disciplines. Whether you want to do NLP life coaching, corporate coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching or performance coaching, this training will become an essential resource for you.

You will learn how to do an entire Transformational Mind coach – Certificate Level 1 Process from start to finish and witness multiple demonstrations along the way. The course will be taught with humor, intelligence and depth in mind, to help you become Transformation Mind coach, Siji Raveendran have helped over a thousand clients and she is one of the top transformation mind coach in India.

Upon completion of the course, you will also be awarded a professional transformation coach level 1 coaching certificate that you can proudly display. Plus, you’ll receive a detailed 130 page Manual with step-by-step instructions,tools to use with clients, and processes to practice in order to develop your skills. You will also be able to watch Transformation mind coaching in action through professional video demonstrations. You will also have 6 hours of live
session, Self-paced learning – 10 hr, Assignments- 10hr, Total hours - 26 hrs., and mentoring session, individual attention been given. There would be assignment with peer group and with me. You will have coaching with your group and all the session will be evaluated by me. In our Coaching Certification programmer, credibility is developed through depth, quality and mastery: there’s a lot of deep practice, drills and you have real-life coaching cases where you help others with their outcomes and also work on yourself to develop inner alignment.
By doing so, you get to the point where you can truly deliver as a Competent,
Credible & Professional Coach.


Based on various coaching and therapy techniques – including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Modeling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and TA (Transactional Analysis) – this course allows you to consider all the best strategies and solutions and make your own conclusions. You don’t have to use
They all – just choose which fit you best; that’s why we give you a selection. Although we use many different theories and strategies, we keep it simple, easy to understand and easy to apply. This coaching helps you to


  • Acquire new skills and strategies to self-coach and improve every area of your life  

  • Utilize coaching to improve your skills as a leader and manager, to help yourself and others reach ultimate peak performance  

  • Enhance your communication, language skills and confidence using NLP and various performance coaching methods  

  • Understand the role of coaching, its boundaries and how it can enhance your life.  

  • Understand how to self-coach, business coach, corporate coach and have a fixed action plan and goals for how to make the changes you desire – and be already making those changes!  

  • Have a range of coaching skills to use at work and at home.  

  • Be able to confidently support individuals and groups in developing and implementing strategies to achieve their objectives based around their roles.  

  • Have the skills and tools to walk you through the process – set strategies and scripts foryou to use and adapt.

  • Become a more engaging, influential & inspiring communicator

  • Design compelling future goals & practical actionable processes

  • Become competent at reading verbal & non-verbal communications

  • Increase the accuracy of your thinking and interpretative efforts

  • Bring limiting beliefs into conscious awareness for transformation

  • Master your thinking and take control of your emotional states

  • Understand fears, frustrations and other destructive emotions

  • Develop strategies for making congruent values-based decisions

  • Build more robust personal, social and professional relationships

  • Build "razor-sharp" questioning skills to determine truth in all situations

  • Support other people in gaining vision, clarity & sense of life direction

  • Modify undesired habits or behaviors in yourself and other people

  • And much, much more.


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AED 5000

Aed 2500

About the Trainer

Siji Raveendran is Certified by NLP Coach | Life Coach | Emotional intelligence Coach| Hypnotherapist| NLP Trainer| Her training style today is based on NLP research, life coaching sessions, emotional intelligence and motivation coaching. She has developed and honed it over time, while helping people transform their personal and professional lives. She specialize in helping individuals and groups achieve personal and professional goals through the power of coaching and training to make the mental shifts required to sustain change. She is a certified NLP Coach , Life coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence and Motivation Coach, Hypnotherapist and Keynote Speaker. She traveled and studied in different parts of the world. She got attracted to the world of NLP when she saw the magic that people can create for themselves with gentle nudges. She says “I help my clients to find their potential by knowing their values, beliefs and potential and henceforth, help them to select the most suitable solution which is aligned with their life purpose. I add value to my clients by changing their focus from “being the best” to “doing the best”. I train and coach them in a way where learning & integration happens during the training itself”.

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