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Life Coaching Certification


Have you ever aspired to become an empowered and influential social figure with a deep understanding of how to help other people find meaning, direction and fulfill their fullest potential in life? If so, let us continue

  • You will learn a practical life coaching process that you can use in your life, career and relationships, or, with other people that you know right away.

  • Throughout this training, you will learn how to break through other people's limiting and self-defeating beliefs to help them live a more empowered and autonomous life.

  • Discover how to establish healthy relationship boundaries with clients and create an environment that's conducive to enabling them to define and fulfill their goals.

  • Understand how to positively influence how other people think, feel and behave when pursuing their main goals or primary values-based objectives.

  • On completion of this training, you will understand how to identify the core values that motivate people to do the things they do in life.

  • You will be shown how to carry out life coaching sessions and also be provided with a process for structuring your sessions with others.

  • You will discover how the mind processes day-to-day experiences and transforms your interpretation of them into memories, fears, frustrations, passions, actions and outcomes.

  • Discover how to become far more self-aware in the way that you communicate and interact with people (alongside the psychology behind these communication patterns).


 The hugely rewarding aspect of Life Coaching is enabling people to advance in life in a practical and meaningful way. Throughout this training course, you'll learn to add massive value into people’s lives by helping them to overcome their initial doubts, limiting self-beliefs and most deep-rooted objections to actualize their hopes, goals and life aspirations.

As you learn how to life coach other people, you will naturally identify the aspects of life you need to do work on for yourself. Upon completion of the course, you will have developed the people skills, communication skills and listening skills required to win the trust of others and influence them in a life-transforming way.

As you apply what you're learning throughout the course to yourself, you will discover how to:

  • Nurture healthy personal & professional relationships

  • Change unhelpful behaviors in yourself & other people

  • Help others to set specific, meaningful & achievable goals

  • Identify & overcome limiting beliefs & destructive attitudes

  • Help people grow in maturity, decisiveness and responsibility.

  • Master your mindset & revolutionize your interpersonal skills

  • Use the resources provided in the course for life coaching others

  • Become an engaging, influential and inspirational communicator

  • Develop a mindset for sustaining a successful life coaching business

  • And much, much more …


Where many life coaching resources only focus on goal-setting and emotional management, this life coaching course goes much deeper to explore the psychology underlying people's difficulties with personal growth and self-management


Duration : 4 days

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