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NLP for Teachers

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How to be a highly effective teacher in  different stimulating ways. NLP something that not only will make you a better teacher, it will make any of us a better person if we soak in and act on the many clear suggestions.

 NLP for Teachers is at once a deeply practical and deeply theoretical training. This is a powerful resource for all those who wish to extend their portfolio of strategies to support effective learning and teaching. 

NLP offers a systematic, coherent and well tried range of techniques to enhance all aspects of communication. The training expositions of theory, practical and relevant examples and a range of activities which support understanding and application."Education is a social process  :they can be developed and learnt. NLP offers a rigorous approach to personal effectiveness and enhanced professional expertise. 

Our “NLP program Innovative Strategies for teachers, trainers, and school leaders”

Neuro-Lingustic Programming employs four approaches

       NLP and Emotional intelligent helps teachers 







Here are the few techniques and methods help teachers to be there better version..

  • Communicate more effectively.

  • Develop your influencing skills and approaches.

  • Manage your emotions and feelings more effectively to help you to build resilience.

  • Set yourself, and achieve, positive outcomes.

  • Expand your range of potential behaviours and develop more flexibility.

  • Outcomes – strategies for self-motivation and the motivation of others.

  • Rapport – approaches for building rapport and influencing others.

  • Flexibility – techniques for enhancing flexibility and awareness of others.

  • Influential language– language models derived from psychotherapists’ communication skills.

1. Represataional system

 NLP can offer learning strategies which help students to develop their abilities to utilise more than one learning style, and it can give teachers a useful additional tool to deal with challenging behaviour.

2. Teach Well-formed Outcomes 

NLP teaches that effective learning happens best when you know the outcome you want. Once an outcome is defined, vivid visualizing enhances the outcome, and prepares the students' minds to do well on tests. In solving complex problems or on projects.​

3. Teach Pacing, Matching and Leading 

NLP teaches that in a state of rapport, any learning is possible. Students learn best when they feel esteem and respect for their teacher, and absence of fear from their peers.  The teacher can lead them into new learning territory. ​

4. Teach State Calibration 

 Students who learn body language can also gain emotional intelligence, and navigate school, work and home life more freely.

5. Teach Future Pacing and Checking Ecology

Future pacing and ecology checks are ways to test and debug mental strategies in our heads before going into real life with them. 

6. Teach Flexibility of Response

Rigid teaching styles only reach a portion of their students, part of the time.   Flexibility that is openly rewarded teaches that there is no such thing as failure... only feedback. 

7. Teach State Elicitation 

A great teacher needs to be able to "light up" the neurology, in order to associate the right state with the new learning.

8. Teach State Induction

 It is well-documented that relaxed, alert "alpha" states are most conducive to absorbing new material. 

9. Teach Breaking State 

When moving from topic to topic, or between repetitions of a new mental sequence, this NLP pattern teaches the importance of "clearing the screen". 

10. Teach Anchoring 

This NLP pattern installs a link between positive emotions and positive behaviours or strategies at the peak of a positive emotional state. Using sensory acuity.

11. Teach Accessing Positive Intent 

This patterns involves a line of questioning that will ask for the positive intent, and then look for a better way to achieve it.

Together, we can use NLP tools to change the world from the inside out, and bottom up.

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About the Trainer

Siji Raveendran is Certified by NLP Coach | Life Coach | Emotional intelligence Coach| Hypnotherapist| NLP Trainer| Her training style today is based on NLP research, life coaching sessions, emotional intelligence and motivation coaching. She has developed and honed it over time, while helping people transform their personal and professional lives. She specialize in helping individuals and groups achieve personal and professional goals through the power of coaching and training to make the mental shifts required to sustain change. She is a certified NLP Coach, Life coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence and Motivation Coach, Hypnotherapist and Keynote Speaker. She traveled and studied in different parts of the world. She got attracted to the world of NLP when she saw the magic that people can create for themselves with gentle nudges. She says “I help my clients to find their potential by knowing their values, beliefs and potential and henceforth, help them to select the most suitable solution which is aligned with their life purpose. I add value to my clients by changing their focus from “being the best” to “doing the best”. I train and coach them in a way where learning & integration happens during the training itself”.


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