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NLP for Kids and teenager

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  • Establish goals and a road map to achieve them

  • Sustain motivation and overcome procrastination tendencies

  • Develop strong study skills

  • Create a Personal Homework Profile to tap into their optimum skill set

  • Become a self-advocate and self starter at home and school

  • Improve time management and organizational skills

  • Strengthen relationships with parents & professionals



  • Achieve ambitious academic and athletic goals

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve relationships with parents, peers, and teachers

  • Learn skills that lead to effective, fulfilled lives

  • Learn how to take sustainable steps toward goals

  • Align your values with you actions

  • Learn how to be an effective communicator

  • Learn how to exercise your leadership skills

  • Other benefits to coaching include:

  • Increased self-esteem, self- awareness, and self-acceptance.

  • Improved decision making ability.

  • Improved time management skills.

  • Goal Setting and accountability to those goals.

  • Better vision and plans for the future.

  • Strategies and techniques for coping with social and/or academic pressure.

  • We help troubled teenagers get back on track

  • Encourage a better work ethic

  • Help young people deal with difficult or embarrassing issues

  • Discover potential and set goals to reach it


Duration : 22 hours

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