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How to Stay Productive Under Quarantine by Surya Prasanth

Updated: Aug 13, 2020


She has been working with Cochin Bharat engineering innovation design consultancy with her husband. She got 13 years of working experience as an architect and she is a mother of 8 year old beautiful daughter.

Quarantine time is a blessing in disguise for the busy women working professionals. We have been complaining of not being able to spend time with family or at home much because of work commitments. But now that most of us are working from home, there are things you REALLY need to pay attention to. As you save on your travel time to office, utilize that time in a productive way. Here is a list of things you can do to make it all worthwhile! Complete that long-pending works.

Work on your health

For most of the people who blame their busy schedule to be the reason why they are not being able to exercise, this is the best time to pay attention to their health. And for those regular gym workers, make space for your home gym! Chalk out a workout routine for yourself and stick to it. There are several exercises that can be done at the comfort of your home which are both effective and fun to do. I am already a fitness lover and I made it as a goal and I   reduced 12 KG in 3 months. I am still working on my weight loss, next target is reducing  5 KG during lock down. 

Grow your green friends

For those who love to grow plants, this is an ideal time to take care of them. Plant new saplings and prune your plants in these days. Gardening is probably one of the most relaxing and de-stressing activities of all time.

Keep in touch with family, friends and past colleagues

We’re isolated from the people we usually spend time with but we can be connected with them via more means more than ever before. Make time to catch-up and have a virtual drink with your friends and family. Use the time to speak to relatives that you might not have spoken to in a while - maybe look to find out via those family members about great-great-grandparents who lived through wars as well as pandemics.

I never had an opportunity to meet my apartment friends due to the busy schedule. I feel I never enjoyed the way I spend time with my friends now. We meet every day and we workout together, gossips, chitchat, fun, coffee and also allowing kids to play together.

Family time

Me and my husband work together in the same company. We hardly spend time with our daughter .This is  great opportunity for both of us to spent together quality of time with our daughter. This can be an unforgettable time spent with her that we will fondly remember. 

This is a great time for your child to master the skill of playing on their own if they haven’t already. Start by motivating them or suggesting: 

Limit the use of mobile phones because they can be a distraction. Lead by example – you also shouldn’t spend time on your mobile phone.

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a joint book-reading routine – all household members spend time together with everyone reading their own book. That motivates my daughter to read books even in my absence.

My husband and I had bonded over our love for gardening and cooking but over the years, as we both settled in our career, I lost touch. Since Im  at home, I started with different food recipes My husband joined, too and it was the most fun we have had doing an activity in ages."

"I am scared to estimate what the losses would be in our  business since we both work in the same company. I think, a potential loss may be high.

The sectors that are most severely impacted  real estate, builders and interior activities.

However I am not going to waste my time to think anything negative,  Let me

Take deep breaths, in through my nose and out through my mouth.

 Sleep. Get lots of it.

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