• Siji Raveendran

Reduce Overweight Through NLP

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

What would be best to eat?

The smart eating pattern: How to control excessive eating habits which cause to Over weight.

One of the key causes of excessive eating is awareness of when one is  actually hungry as opposed to simply being tempted or using food as an antidote to stress.

Step 1: How do you know it’s time to eat?

Determine how you know that it is time to eat. Include your internal feelings, such as tension, mental fog, and irritability. Be sure to include the feelings of your stomach. What does empty really feel like?

Step 2 : What would be best to eat?

Ask your inner wisdom what would feel best to have eaten. That is , what would make me feel good after I ate it, in the short term? Keep trying different foods until you find at least one that makes you feel very balanced and healthy. Notice your most subtle feelings. Inspect the rep systems and sub modalities that tell you it is an idea food. How do you  know that you feel balanced and healthy.