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The Healer

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

“I am 45 years old. I am a mechanic and own my own repair shop in Kerala.”

This was his first introduction. And I was wondering how do I take him alongside in this workshop! It had a high class, professional and corporate crowd! With no way out of my dilemma, I just went along with my next questions to gauge this guy.. Please tell us a little more about you. Why do you want to attend these workshops!

As to why I want to attend this workshop!

I like to make new-year resolutions, and one resolution I make every year is to learn a new skill. Not just about my own industry. But anything that appeases to me!  I am curious about the world, and its ways. I came across your workshop on Facebook! And mind power and using it to control my thoughts and actions is something I want to learn!

Interesting answer! People usually come to my workshops with life issues and problems. He has just come here to learn and explore!!

That was about the first time I met him. I didn’t think much about him later. Probably that is why I was surprised, to be clear pleasantly surprised to see him in my next workshop.  I thought he was dissatisfied with his job like most people! During the break I asked him – Tell me all about your work!

I am a healer- A healer of automobiles. Like a doctor heals his patient of all maladies, I heal the vehicles that come to me! I  repair them ! And if I am successful, and the vehicle is back in its full form, I feel happy!

Listening to him, seeing him rewinding and replaying his memories of the automobiles he had brought back to life.. I was dazed, amazed and embarrassed at the same time. Embarrassed because of my incorrect judgments. And amazed because he truly was a healer.

Not just of automotive, but of his trainer too. He healed me of a side habit I had developed as a part of my profession- I read people, to understand them! And somewhere along the way I had started pre-judging people without first knowing them.

If I think like him, like doctors care about their patients, auto technicians care about the overall health of our vehicles and hence our life and safety.

A few things that his love for his work and his simple yet profound words taught me!

Happy people enjoy their work. They don’t pursue it for money or fame but for the satisfaction it brings.

If you find stuff and probably even people you love, chase them! Leave no stone upturned in keeping everything your heart and mind together say yes to! And you will find bliss.

You shouldn’t rely on vacations to find happiness or trips to find purpose. It has to come from within you in your life every day!

So, find ways do things you love everyday. They are worth it!

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