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Why use Hypnosis in NLP ?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The subconscious mind contains everything in your mind that you are not aware of.

The subconscious mind contains everything in your mind that you are not aware of. Some of these things are easy to become aware of. Stop and listen to the sounds around you that you weren’t aware of until now. Some of these things you can directly influence, like if your fidgeting without knowing it and someone ask you to stop. You can even influence some of them indirectly, like when you learn relaxation or stress management and lower your heart rate or brain waves. Since NLP has evolved into a holistic approach, it thinks of the body and mind as an interplay or an entity, not as two things with a definite line between them.The mind can have extraordinary effects on the body. The subconscious mind performs many such tasks, so a lot of our behavior gets shaped by things we do not think about . But you could say  that since you have a subconscious mind you have a responsibility and an art form,because the subconscious mind can shape our behavior in unwanted ways as well.

Just as animal trainers shape the behavior of tigers,dogs and dolphins in complicated ways, our behavior has been shaped without our knowledge.

Erickson championed the idea NLP called conversational or covert hypnosis. Instead of setting up a formal induction and requiring the patient to concentrate in some fashion, Erickson would produce trance in his patients through normal seeming interaction. There are various benefits from hypnosis as practiced by Milton Erickson, and there are still more benefits that NLP derived from Erickson’s work that are not necessarily hypnosis.

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