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Story telling & public speaking

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Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication and still plays a very important role in education, particularly for younger children. Teachers and trainers who incorporate storytelling into their repertoire of teaching skills can enhance student engagement with almost any subject. In this course, you will learn about storytelling as a way of organizing information, conveying emotions, and building a sense of community in the classroom.

Three-hour workshop on techniques of telling stories Children will learn the different techniques like voice, body language, expressions, and aids used for telling stories. Professional tellers will conduct the workshop and it will end with a presentation.


Public Speaking

  • Be More Prepared than Anyone for Your Speech: How to prepare and be aware so you can deliver a perfect presentation .

  • Impress Your Audience: We will identify with the audience 

  • Increase Your Confidence When Presenting: We will learn how to be in peak confidence mode!

  • Learn Appearance Secrets from Professional Television/Movie Stars: What to wear + nutrition tips and more.

  • Answer ANY Question During Your Speech Q&A Session: How to ace the Q&A session of your speech.

  • Meet/Beat the Goal(s) of Your Speech: We begin with the end goal in mind of your speech.

  • Post Presentation To Dos: We will ensure that your speech goals are met.

  • Increases your self confidence

  • Makes you more comfortable in social circle

  • Helps you make a difference in life, career, business and community

 Duration : 10 hours

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