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NLP empowerment & Self defense Training  for Women & Girls

(Schools, colleges & Corporate)

Eliminate your mental, physical and emotional limitations. Redefine the purpose of your life   .


The  program me contains powerful methods and techniques that enable women to leverage their natural traits and styles, find their voice and build their competence and confidence to create a well-structured path to excellence and self-mastery. self-defence skills including life skill for self-protection and self-development among the girls


In India, the cases of gender violence are increasing and many of which go unreported or unregistered, But for the moment, it is very important for women in India to learn self-defence for their own safety and survival. 


The training of self-defense, taken from tried and tested techniques of the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu ( Mother of all the Martial arts) will benefit the individual, his loved ones and eventually the entire society and then the world.

Objective of the New Program

a) To reduce irregular attendance of girl students

b) To equip the girls with some life skills and defence skills so that they can avert any kind of untoward situation at least at the first instances.

c) To spread a message to the violence-maker that girls are being ready for counter-defence and awareness is being developed among the girls in this regard.

d) To make the Physical Education teacher of each school aware of these skills for future practice of them as a part of school curriculum .


The Programme has Two Prolonged Targets 

 a) to develop certain life skill

 b) Learn certain self defence mechanism .

i) Life Skill

  • Girls are to be aware of certain dos and don’ts in the day -to-day life.

  • To learn how to properly channelize their emotion in adolescent period

  • To learn how to form groups and extend co-operation among each other only by exercising personal rapport.

  • To be aware how to reasonably recover from mental trauma and fight against violence makers with the help of Govt and panchayat, community people

ii) Self Defence Skill

  • To make them aware about sensing attack and danger.

  • To learn how to apply presence of mind and measures to avert the impending danger.

  • To learn at least 15 rudimentary skills of self defence comprising of Karate-Judo and kick boxing, flexible body movement and some other physical skills

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